Project 7 – Horizontal Rib Hat

Horizontal Rib Hat – Page 23 of the book – finished weight 51 grams – circumference 22 inches

Ahhh, the joy this pattern was!  My first pleasant surprise was that the yarn was held doubled.  I was so excited as I knew the project would just fly off the needles.  I used Knit Picks Essential Tweed and I loved the yarn.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Knit Picks Company, it is an online yarn store that is known for having good yarn at an economical prices.  I also have some of their interchangeable needles and their straights and use them regularly.  But perhaps what impresses me most about Knit Picks is their customer service.  I have had needles snap and cables break and they are quick to replace them and so far it’s been free of charge.

My regular readers will know that gauge is something I struggle with.  Well, I don’t exactly struggle with gauge as I don’t often check it before beginning a pattern, what a struggle with is doing a gauge swatch!  This hat almost suffered because of that, but I got lucky.  It’s just a titch large.  The other note to self is that the hat is a bit short and if I were to make it again I would add a few more rows before beginning the decreases.  The decreasing in this pattern were easy to follow and turned out perfectly.

This was a great pattern and with the use of the yarn doubled it probably could be knit up in one evening.   The result is a fun little unisex hat that is sure to please any recipient.

Knit on friends!  Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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5 Responses to Project 7 – Horizontal Rib Hat

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  2. Patty says:

    I am interested in knitting this Horizontal Rib Hat for my granddaughter but I don’t need the whole magazine. Do you know where I can get just this one pattern?

    • Are you on Ravelry? If so, you could contact the designer and see what you might be able to work out. The only version I know of is in the book I’m using. If you aren’t on Ravelry, I’d be happy to contact the designer for you

  3. Yes it is……I call it my “This is your brain on yarn” exhibit. Frankly, I have so much sock yarn around I have to find creative ways to store it!

  4. machine.lady says:

    Love the hat!
    Is that yarn stuffed into your plastic head? That’s pretty cool :)

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