Project 33 – Knot Head

Knot Head – Page 15 of the book -  finished weight 65 grams – fits a small woman’s head

What fun was this hat to knit!  This is “Knot Head” and I used a super yarn that is new to me:  Gaia’s Colors.  The colorway I used was called “cliodhna thistle”  I think it so interesting to see the yarn in the hank, and imagine how it will  knit up and below is this yarn before it was turned into “Knot Head”.  This yarn was particularly nice to work with, it is tightly plied and almost feels like silk when you are knitting with it.  I hear it is a real workhorse of a yarn so I imagine it would make some mighty fine socks.  You sure can’t beat the colorways!

I knit this hat when I was on the road and needed an easy pattern that didn’t require a lot of concentration.  This hat

did the trick as you basically cast on and knit away for about a little over 10 inches for the small size.  Then there’s a little detail involved in getting the ties done, but they were not too difficult.

It feels good to get the post done.  If any of you are playing close attention you will note the snow in the picture, and yet it’s May.  Well, I do live in Northern Minnesota, but even our snow has melted.  The real story is I have not been able to give this blog the priority I wanted to lately.  I have been getting the knitting done, but posting and writing about it has been tough for me to get done.  I’ll keep at it though!  I intentionally didn’t set a deadline for knitting all the patterns in the book as I wanted to allow for the ebbs and flows that come along with life.

Cheers & Knit On !

Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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Road Show! Come see the Goods………..

One Skein Wonderwoman has been asked to participate the the First Friday Art Walk in April at the Yarn Gallery in Grand Rapids, MN.  On the first Friday of each month various artsy places in Grand Rapids hold open houses for the public.  I’ll be there on April 6th from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. displaying my first 30 or so projects from the book, and knitting of course!  I am thrilled to be doing this and if you are in the area stop by!

It will be such a pleasure to be at this new store.  Carissa Grosland opened Yarn Gallery about a month ago and I predict it is going to be a very successful shop.  The Grand Rapids Herald Review recently did a nice article on the shop.

The store has been open one month and I’ve been there 3 times….it’s a bit of a drive so I can’t get there more often.  Recently Carissa held a “Knittervention” to celebrate the one month anniversary.  I’ve known for quite some time that I’ve needed an intervention of some type, and I figured it might as well be a knittervention so off I went to check it out. Look at the adorable cake the Yarn Gallery  had to celebrate the occasion!

What a riot we all had!  We got a little carried away discussing the virtues of  TuTu yarn.  If you haven’t heard of that yarn, check it out.  It is the latest craze in the novelty yarn category and is very impressive.  Here’s a photo of what TuTu looks like knit-up from the Crystal Palace website.

And yes, I came home with a couple of skeins.  I am certain I’ll be going again to more Knitterventions but for now I must  get back to the Knitting Factory!

Knit on!

Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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Project 32 – Seattle Bloom Time

Seattle Bloom Time – Page 104 of the book -  finished weight 78 grams – 9 x 43 inches

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a winner.  I do believe this scarf is going to rate in the top 10 of my favorites as I knit my way through all the patterns in   Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!""

There’s so much to love about this scarf…………

First, I used one of my all time favorite yarns, Ella Rae Lace Merino.  This is a spectacular yarn to knit with.  It comes in beautiful colorways, is super soft and stretchy when knit up, and is machine washable to boot!  It is not perfect for every project, but I have found it just the right thing for scarves and other items you want to be drapey & flowing………

I also am becoming a real fan of projects that are somewhat geometric in nature…  clean lines…  and repetition and I sure found that to be the case with Seattle Bloom Time.

Also, did you know that Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s color of the year for 2012?  Who knew?   While this color is not quite Tangerine Tango, it is darn close.

There are a few mistakes in the pattern, but Storey Publishing is all over them and has that errata published on their website.  Ravelry does a nice job noting errata on the pattern pages. It is always a good idea to keep an eye out for that on Ravelry or by checking the publisher’s website for errata before embarking on a project.  Another good practice is to read other Raveler’s comments associated with individual patterns.   All of these things can save you time and headaches!

And to my regular readers you will know what a fan I am of proper blocking.  To the new kids on the block (pun intended) you can check my older post on blocking.   Here’s an analogy all can relate to:  projects before blocking are like your hair when you first roll out of bed, and projects after blocking look like your hair when you walk out of a salon!

I am convinced that blocking is the icing on the cake when it comes to a beautiful finished product, and that was no exception here, if I do say so myself!

Knit on!

Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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Project 31 – Scottish Fleet Mittens

Scottish Fleet Mittens – Page 48 of the book -  finished weight 78 grams.

Alrighty we are back on track.  My 31st project in my quest to knit all the patterns in the book was a complete joy to knit!  I used one of my favorite yarns Malabrigo Sock in a lovely orange green colorway (23 323) .  This yarn is so soft and cozy I absolutely love to knit with it.  I am reluctant to use it for socks as there is no nylon in the yarn and I worry they wouldn’t be durable.

The pattern is written perfectly and was easy to follow.  I love the pattern on the top of the mittens.  It would probably be a good idea to select a yarn that isn’t too busy for this pattern.  Some of those wild eye-catching yarns might mask this cute little pattern.

Knitting mittens out of sock yarn is something I don’t do much of.  But after this project I think I will do more in the future.  The resulting product is a lightweight fabric that is tightly woven – perfect for keeping cold breezes out but not as bulky as regular mittens.

And do you know what’s hiding under that mitten in the snow?  Well it is my new “hand”.  I’ve had such fun using my glass head for modeling headwear I decided to order me up a hand.  That Amazon has everything, including body parts!  Unfortunately I should have read the fine print as it is kind of small, but it does the trick.  We are having loads of fun with, posing it in different positions and giving it to people when they say “Can you lend me a hand?”

Well BBR’s – that it for the latest from One Skein Wonderwoman.  There are more projects on their way soon!

Knit on!

Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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Project 30 – Cable My Big Toes – The Misery is Over

Cable my Big Toes – Page 79 of the book -  finished weight 90 grams

One thing about this journey knitting all the patterns in  <a href=”Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!""“> is that occasionally I run into a pattern I probably would never have chosen………….enter “Cable My Big Toes”.

This pattern brought me to my knees. It caused me to have multiple projects on the needle for the first time on this venture. I caused me to set a new all time record for the amount of time it takes to finish a project. Worst of all it caused me to eventually turn away from my blog and wander into the sewing room.

I could blame this pattern for a lot. But I’m not a big fan of blame.

Have you ever noticed how when something goes wrong the first thing we humans want to do is discover who caused it? While it might be good to know so that we can set that person straight, often they already know what they did. Yet a group of otherwise seemingly intelligent people go on and on trying to catch the culprit.

“Maybe it was Jim, I saw him with it last week”; “Kathy must have done it, it sounds just like her”, etc.,

This drive me nuts. Frankly I could care a less who did it as my mind is already well down the road trying to figure out how to fix it.

Want to know how I deal with my frustration when this happens?

wait for it…………..

Pitiful, just pitiful.............

I will say to the group: “Let’s just pretend that I did it”. Usually I just get a lot of blank stares. But my subtle message to move on is usually acknowledged and we move to the problem solving phase.

OK, I feel better now.

The positive attributes of this project were that the pattern is well written and the cabling adds fun and interest to the knitting.  Most importantly of all – these will make a fabulous gift for someone as I can’t wait to get them out of my house!  Bad karma be gone!

Now go and knit on and cable your own darn toes…………

Cindy – the One Skein Wonderwoman

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How much fun can one blogger have?

I’ve been given the Liebster Blog Award by Linda at allotastitches.
Thank You Linda!!

I must admit I was unfamiliar with the German word “liebster” but I found out it means: sweet, kind, nice, good, lovely, pleasant, cute, etc.  What a day brightener this was!

I’m happy to comply with this award’s simple rules:

Rule #1. You must acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
Rule # 2. Give this award to 5 other bloggers who have fewer than 200 readers. Please let them know through a comment on their blog.
Rule #3. Post this wonderful award on your blog.
Rule #4. Bask in the glory bestowed upon you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.
Rule# 5. Enjoy and spread the good vibes around.

It is my pleasure to pass the Liebster forward. I hope you enjoy the other blogs I picked to award the Liebster!

I like this blog:  She’s a knitter and a photographer!  Check out her 31 hats in 31 days…..

My buddy Jenna has this blog:  She is an amazing woman with knitting talents busting out everywhere!

Here’s a fun little place to visit:

This blog has a little of everything I like!

And lastly, check out this Scrapbooker’s blog from the Netherlands.  She is one talented lady!



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Well my BBR’s it has been quite some time since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting.  As it turns out my Etsy shop went wild with orders for Christmas stockings.  I lost count of how many I made, but I’m thinking it is close to 30.  Most of the stockings were made from patterns similar to the photo with stockings for Nate & Juliana.

But the most rewarding experience was making custom stockings for people who wanted to match very old stockings that a loved one had made.  One lady told me that she had found vintage patterns while cleaning out her Grandma’s house after Grandma had passed on.  She wondered if I could replicate them.  How could you say no to that?

Can you guess which of the stockings to the right is over 20 years old and which is new?

I closed out my stocking knitting with an argyle sock for my son and a fish stocking for my husband.

Can you spot my son’s initials TR in the stocking?

It is time now to put the red, green and white yarn far, far away and return to my mission to knit all the patterns in  <a href=”Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!""“>.

I’ll close with my hopes that you and your families had a wonderful Christmas Season and my wish for you that 2012 is a fabulous year full of love and good things.

Knit on!

Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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Project 29 – I Point Baby Jacket

I Point Baby Jacket – Page 178 of the book -  finished weight 62 grams – Sleeve length 7 inches; back 7 inches; circumference 21 inches.  My version would probably fit a 9-12 month baby.

I’m back, and thanks all my BBR’s for your patience while I took a little knitting vacation.  Fall is here in Minnesota and my fancies are returning to knitting!

What a fun project this adorable little bolero style jacket was!  I used Plymouth Socketta  yarn that is almost 50 percent cotton.  This yarn selection almost drowned out the fun little knitting pattern and I might choose a solid color if I were to make this again.  That would surely emphasize the pattern better.

The jacket is adorned with cute little I-cords dangling from the shoulders, at the tips of the bottom front and they are used to tie the jacket together.  They add visual interest to the project and make it quite funky, if I do say so myself.

The sand stitch knitting pattern used throughout the jacket made the knitting interesting and I got my mojo going quickly, falling into the project in a zen-like trance.  I love it when this happens!

If you are looking for a baby gift that is sure to get plenty of “ooooos and ahhhhs”, this pattern is the one.  Also, it was an extremely quick knit.

Well my friends, now that my knitting mojo is back, I’m off to my yarn stash to see what I can do next………..

Knit on!  Cindy – The One Skein Wonderwoman

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The Guilty Quilter

OK BBR’s, I must explain my absence.  I’m guilty of quilting.  I’m not sure what is up, but I find myself quilting more than knitting lately.  BLASPHEMY!  This blog has been haunting me, I feel guilty, I fell like a traitor.  I was talking to my DD Superwoman Lindsy and telling her my woes, and she said to me “Mom, it is your blog you can do what you want with it”.  Such a sensible, level headed daughter I have.

Nonetheless, I want you to know I have not cast away my mission to knit every pattern in  <a href=”Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders: 101 Patterns That Go Way Beyond Socks!""“>.  In fact while working at the Creative Connection Conference I was luck enough to meet Deborah Balmuth who is an editor at Storey Publishing, the group that publishes the One Skein Wonder books.  She is a delightful lady and I enjoyed talking with her.

They say confession is good for the soul, and so I’ll close with some photos of the quilting I have been doing.  I am hopeful that this post gets me back in the good graces of my BBR’s.  I assure you my knitting adventures are soon to return!

Knit (or quilt) On!  Cindy  - The One Skein Wonderwoman

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“I don’t make mistakes”

I’ll bet that title grabbed your attention! Those were words spoken to me by a clerk at a Michael’s store many, many years ago……

I  wandered the store taking note of all the fabulous knitting patterns.  At the time I was pretty good with the crochet hook, but I had only mastered scarves when it came to knitting. I wanted so badly to try a knitting project that was a little more challenging than a scarf.

I finally got the nerve to ask a clerk if she was a knitter. “Oh, yes!” she said with obvious enthusiasm. One of my concerns about knitting was how you correct your mistakes. Fixing a crochet mistake was simple, you just remove the hook and rip back without having to worry about loosing stitches. But knitting mistakes seemed very daunting to this knitter wanna be.

I asked the enthusiast clerk how she fixes mistakes she made in her knitting? She replied with equal enthusiasm “I don’t make mistakes”.

I cannot tell you how long these four little words prevented me from trying a more challenging knitting project. I heard that clerk’s words resonating in my head for years! My conclusion was knitting wasn’t for me as I was certain to make mistakes. In fact I make so mistakes just about every day I finally invented a word for them and that is “flopportnities”. This term helps me remember that mistakes are how we learn and grow.

Once I got beyond the effect of these words on my ability to knit, I became keenly aware of the effect even four little words can have on another human being.  I have a motto to leave every person you meet a little better off than they were when you found them, and words are a big piece of meeting that goal.

Perhaps that store clerk had a flopportunity the day I was in store……..

Knit on and go forth and celebrate your flopportunities!  Cindy the One Skein Wonderwoman

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